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50: In My Heart I’m Ready

Published Monday, 9 February, 2015

Jelly has wanted to talk about Testflight for a while, and he finally gets his chance, comparing Apple’s beta distribution tool with the previous methods, like Ad Hoc and Enterprise distribution.

After dealing with some follow-up backend services, Jelly brings up the topic of Apple’s Testflight, it’s new beta distribution tool. The couch discuss the previous methods for sending out builds, which involved provisioning profiles, UDIDs, and endless nightmares about testers not receiving builds immediately after getting the initial email.

Turning to Testflight’s limitations, the trio go through some of the larger issues that it has, mostly looking at it’s iOS 8 requirement and the need to go through review before distribution, as well as the limitations of iTunes Connect accounts, which are a requirement for internal testers.

Show notes:

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