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51: You Can’t Copy Dogs

Published Monday, 23 February, 2015

Tonight! Ben uses a Word template, Jelly iterates a build number, and Jake watches half of a video.

Hot off the heels of the release of his book about Cocos2D, Ben gives the couch a quick walk through what it’s like to write a book, from what tech is used, having your work edited and your code reviewed, and what it’s like to deal with a publisher.

Jake then begins to review some of the Testflight follow-up, prompting Jelly to vent about his plentiful issues that Testflight has caused over the previous week or so, such as build that don’t install and crashes that occur on launch. Jake then actually manages to touch on some bits that weren’t covered in the previous episode, as well as a new feature that launched since then.

Moving on, Jake brings up the new version of Swift, which has a bunch of bug fixes, improvements and new features, such as: less compiler crashes, single line unwrapping of multiple optionals and improvements to let.

While he’s on a roll, Jake also talks about video presentations he’s watched recently, including two that introduce React Native, an upcoming project from Facebook that changes the way you deal with native views in mobile apps, and another by Andy Matuschack on managing complexity in Swift.

Show notes:

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