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68: We’ve Finally Made It

Published 19 October 2015 • 42 minutes, 20 seconds

A new version of iOS means new features, and this year brings a handful of big ones, slide over, split view, picture in picture and 3D Touch. Ben and Jelly takes a good long look at each of these new features, talk about how to go about implementing them, and investigate some of the things you’ll need to remember to create the best experience possible.

67: The Opposite to Spaghetti Code

Published 5 October 2015 • 40 minutes, 48 seconds

For the past few weeks, Jelly has been refactoring the core components of his app, so he feels like he needs to talk it out with Ben. The two look at their experiences with refactoring code and talk about the best ways to approach it, what it’s place is within your regular workflow, and most importantly, how to know when you’re finished. Along the way, they explore the basics of extreme programming, the problems with building up technical debt, and the longevity of Swift and Objective-C.

66: Sounds Like a B-Movie

Published 21 September 2015 • 35 minutes, 29 seconds

Ben and Jelly cover some tips and tricks they use to get through their work day, from basics like keyboard shortcuts to bash scripts for automating build numbers.

65: The ’80s Always Comes Back

Published 7 September 2015 • 48 minutes, 9 seconds

After dealing with some follow-up about privacy policies, as well as mentioning a couple more methods for handling blocks within blocks, Ben introduces Jelly to the basics of functional programming. Together they walk through their approaches to the handling of a parsed JSON structure, as Ben explains several functions, such as filter, map, reduce and flatMap, as well as the underlying approach and how it can benefit your code.

64: You Can Never Just Make a Choice

Published 24 August 2015 • 39 minutes, 32 seconds

Jelly has been implementing some more analytics in GIFwrapped over the last few weeks, so he and Ben take a look at the various aspects of tracking your user’s behaviours.

63: Only Ever Accept Salmon

Published 10 August 2015 • 39 minutes, 56 seconds

Jelly and Ben start the show by covering some quick follow-up about CocoaPods and Carthage, which blurs the lines between their differences. This leads into a quick discussion about how CocoaPods is now being supported by a bunch of companies with libraries, such as Google, Twitter and Hockey.

62: Google Your Problem

Published 27 July 2015 • 50 minutes, 42 seconds

After touching on some Core Data follow-up, Jake proposes that the couch talk about Frameworks. Apple’s Cocoa includes a lot of things, and arguably more than most other first-party SDK, but there’s alway a need for additional frameworks to solve common issues.

61: A Lower Priority

Published 13 July 2015 • 40 minutes, 55 seconds

Following-up from the last episode, Jelly tries to recover from his failed attempts to explain why he believes that opening up Radar isn’t the solution to all of Apple’s issues with bug reporting.

60: Automated Monkeys

Published 29 June 2015 • 1 hour, 13 minutes

In the wake of WWDC, the couch discuss their favourite sessions and lab experiences, and some of the answers to the questions they had following the keynote.

59: Final Battery Warning

Published 12 June 2015 • 1 hour, 17 minutes

The WWDC 2015 keynote has come and gone, but Eddy Cue’s dance moves will forever haunt us. Jake and Ben call in from San Francisco to talk about developer-y things that got announced during the keynote and the Platforms State of the Union, while Jelly, who watched from his lounge room, fills in the gaps on some of the new APIs and kits.