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Creating great apps for Apple’s mobile devices.

This podcast is no longer in production.

8: But the Users Don’t Know About It

Published 14 May 2013 • 57 minutes, 43 seconds

The top 25 apps of all time, and what can be learned from them; skeuomorphic design vs. flat design, choosing the correct icons, and what good design really means when it comes to building your apps; guided access, the system feature that nobody knows about; a handy method for using vector icons in your app by utilising PDFs; and some tools to help you prototype and test your apps: and Briefs 2.

7: I Wrote My Own C String Library

Published 30 April 2013 • 54 minutes, 13 seconds

Why you would go to WWDC (assuming you manage to get a ticket); a new plugin manager for Xcode, Alcatraz, is released; techniques for debugging your apps, including a discussion about profiling using Instruments and how it helps you track down issues. Also this week, we”re joined by Ben Trengrove, who is taking over hosting from Caleb.

6: Commander Riker is in Ten Forward

Published 16 April 2013 • 57 minutes, 29 seconds

The importance of user-testing apps and some techniques for testing with users; making apps accessible for vision-impared users; using plugins with Xcode; and the team behind CocoaPods releases CocoaDocs: a single source for open-source library documentation.

5: The Answers in the Back of the Book

Published 5 April 2013 • 49 minutes, 14 seconds

The Pebble smart watch and the development possibilities of Google Glass and Siri integration; Caleb”s plans for making money from his new free app, Cute Fruit; places for learning about new techniques and frameworks in the Objective-C frameworks; releasing open source projects and how CocoaPods is a great tool for discovering them; Jake gives a general overview of how to use bitmasks in your own projects.

4: So You’re About to Launch a New App

Published 19 March 2013 • 1 hour, 4 minutes

Filing Radars for SDK bugs, the usefulness and importance of Open Radar, dynamically overlaying your app”s details directly on the icon, Caleb”s new app Cute Fruit and marketing your app through video, word of mouth and advertising. Plus an interview with Russell Ivanovic (@rustyshelf) of Shifty Jelly.

3: It’s Like iCloud, but It Works

Published 5 March 2013 • 51 minutes, 36 seconds

Developing with multiple versions of your app on your test devices, advertising your app and tracking the success of advertising (without having your app rejected), and setting up a server backend to add server functionality to your app, including persisting your Core Data storage in the cloud, sharing data via a simple API, and adding the ability to remotely update your app”s settings on user”s devices.

2: I Love Storyboards

Published 19 February 2013 • 51 minutes, 56 seconds

Follow-up on Hola! Unblocker, automating build numbers and Nimbus (with a short discussion about CocoaPods and whether it’s good or not), the pros and cons of using Storyboards in your app from prototyping to full-blown app, and how to approach version targeting with your app.

1: Hang on, Were You Recording?

Published 5 February 2013 • 1 hour, 12 minutes

Superbowl 101, Superbowl ads, the Apple TV, and content distribution. In more on-topic conversation, Jelly gets suggestions on how to deal with a new project, and Jake, Jelly and Caleb discuss useful third-party libraries, issue tracking and distributing test builds.