Mobile Couch

A fortnightly podcast about creating great apps for mobile
devices, hosted by Ben Trengrove and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly.

About the Show

Design, development and business, these guys do it all. Ben and Jelly are iOS developers who work on everything from games to client projects, and get together every fortnight to talk about techniques and best practices for creating stunning mobile applications.

Ben Trengrove

Ben Trengrove

When it turned out that the life of an airline pilot wasn’t going to cut it, Ben turned to developing software. Originally from New Zealand, Ben now lives in London, and works as part of Stripy Sock.

Ben has developed everything from educational games (such as Shiny Things' Quick Math) to simple utilities for pilots. He has a head for algorithms, a penchant for toying with low-level code, and acts as the couch’s resident Android expert.

Sometimes he wishes he was flying instead.

Daniel 'Jelly' Farrelly

Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly

The creator of GIFwrapped, as well as several open-source libraries, Jelly spends his days as an independent developer, moonlighting as a consultant on occasions where it suits his whims.

Having come from a design and illustration background, Jelly’s skill set lies in creating user interfaces, finding ways to interact with and delight the users of his apps, as well as coming up with truly awful names for his open-source libraries.

That, and his terrible jokes.

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