Mobile Couch

A fortnightly podcast about creating great apps for mobile
devices, hosted by Ben Trengrove and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly.

66: Sounds Like a B-Movie

Published Monday, 21 September, 2015

Ben and Jelly cover some tips and tricks they use to get through their work day, from basics like keyboard shortcuts to bash scripts for automating build numbers.

  • Xcode
    • Open Quickly: Command + Shift + O
    • Fold/unfold Everything: Command + Option + Shift + Left/Right
    • Search for Method: Control + 6
    • Open Quickly in Assistant: Option + Enter (from Open Quickly)
    • Close Assistant: Command + Enter
    • Close Left Sidebar: Command + 0
    • Close Right Sidebar: Command + Option + 0
    • Edit in Scope: Control + Command + E
    • Show Variable Type (Swift): Option + Click
  • AppCode/Android Studio
    • Search for Action: Command + Shift + A

Show notes:

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