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64: You Can Never Just Make a Choice

Published Monday, 24 August, 2015

Jelly has been implementing some more analytics in GIFwrapped over the last few weeks, so he and Ben take a look at the various aspects of tracking your user’s behaviours.

Tracking your users has obvious privacy implications, and it’s not just Apple enforcing them. Australia’s privacy laws require that you don’t capture information that could reasonably identify someone.

With that in mind, analytics are extremely useful for learning how people use your app, and using this knowledge to try and improve it. Jelly explains a little about what he’s been starting to track and why he thinks it’s useful.

With the why and what out of the way, they begin talking about the how: discussing a handful of analytics services, including Apple’s Testflight, Answers, Google Analytics and Snowplow. The two examine the pros and cons of each service, discussing the core features and their experiences with each.

Show notes:

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