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62: Google Your Problem

Published 27 July 2015 Hosted by Ben Trengrove, Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly and Jake MacMullin

After touching on some Core Data follow-up, Jake proposes that the couch talk about Frameworks. Apple’s Cocoa includes a lot of things, and arguably more than most other first-party SDK, but there’s alway a need for additional frameworks to solve common issues.

He starts by laying out a few different pieces of the framework puzzle, from how to discover them, how to actually get the code, and how to implement it in your own projects.

One solution for managing these third-party dependencies is to use Git’s submodules. Jelly mentions that this is how he manages and maintains the external libraries he maintains alongside his code.

Another is Cocoapods, which solves all three aspects of finding and using libraries, including finding of projects, and the actual integration with your Xcode project.

Finally, the cool kid on the block right now is Carthage, which only deals with the building and preparation of the dependency tree, whereas discovery and the actual integration is dealt with by the developer.

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