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58: A Lot of Clicking Around

Published 1 June 2015 Hosted by Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly and Jake MacMullin

With Ben off attending Google I/O, Jake and Jelly talk art exhibitions, storyboards, Jelly’s struggle with sync, and prepping for WWDC.

Jake kicks things off by talking a little about features he’s recently discovered in Storyboards, such as the ability to mark constraints and constants in storyboards as “installed”. He’s slightly ashamed, since he’s realise that these features have been around for a while now, but never the less, it just makes him love them more.

To make him feel worse, Jelly tosses out a new feature Jake’s never heard of: the ability to provide image assets based on device and size class. He also agrees that storyboards are the logical choice for visual layout design (WHAT?); things like autolayout constraints make more sense in a visual format than in code.

Jelly then spins the discussion off to talk about his issues with sync in GIFwrapped: a year and a half into working on the app, he’s still having issues. In response to an announcement from Dropbox that they’re moving to a new version of their API, he’s working on a new structure for the GIFwrapped library, part of which means writing his own Dropbox client directly on top of the HTTP API.

This leads to the question of which is better: notifications, protocols (like delegates), or blocks. Jelly first asks Jake’s opinion, then proceeds to describe his rationale for the use of each one.

Jake wants to spend a little time talking about how to prep for WWDC, which is happening next week, so he spends a little time explaining what he’s been doing to get ready: re-watching last year’s sessions, filing radars, and preparing sample projects to take to labs.

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