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47: Trepidation at Jumping Into Anything New

Published 22 December 2014 Hosted by Ben Trengrove, Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly and Jake MacMullin

The couch answer a question about where they go to learn about new things, Jelly discusses his experiences so far with implementing extensions and Jake gets frustrated by the recent discussion of app rejections.

Starting with follow-up about GitHub’s Swift style guide, Jake discusses what he likes and doesn’t like about it, like the preference of structs over classes. He also takes the opportunity to mention a blog post about comparing Swift and Objective-C.

Jelly mentions that he’s still using Objective-C, and this leads to a short discussion between he and Jake about their respective approaches to Swift: Jelly being a bit wary of it, and Jake being very gung ho.

The couch then decide to answer a question about where they get their information, and they go on to list some of the sources they use for information, including podcasts, blogs and Cocoaheads.

With follow-up out of the way, Jelly brings up the topic of iOS8’s extensions and discusses the problems and decisions he’s come across so far in trying to build them for GIFwrapped.

When the discussion turns to Jake’s extension homework, he reveals that he’s more interested in debating the recent slew of extension-related rejections, or rather, pointing out something that he believes the internet has wrong. This kicks off a heated argument between he and Jelly, who believes that the issue has a much larger scope than what Jake is arguing.

Eventually, Jake manages to get his point of view across, despite Jelly’s best efforts to restrain him, and the two try to turn the conversation to a more positive note, discussing the best way to deal with app rejection and how to approach the situation in your own apps, and whether this fight makes the platform better or worse.

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