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devices, hosted by Ben Trengrove and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly.

41: The Pinnacle of Adulthood

Published Monday, 29 September, 2014

Jake deliberates on purchasing an unwanted iPhone 6 plus from a friend, while Ben talks about his first impressions and the bugs in the recently released iOS8, and Jelly gets shirty about the whole watch thing.

An off-the-cuff comment from Jelly spurs a conversation about devices like the Microsoft Surface and a theoretical iPad Pro. This somehow devolves into a trip down memory lane, with Jake talking about his Psion handheld computer, and Jelly recounting his love for Snake on the Nokia 3310.

A terrible first impression with the iPhone 6 has convinced Ben to try out an Android phone for a year. This leads to a discussion about the inherent bugginess of iOS8, especially on the new devices, and whether Apple has bitten off more than they could chew with this year’s releases. The couch then talks about the lock-in effect of being immersed within one company’s ecosystem, and whether that’s a deliberate move.

Jake’s attempts to get Family Sharing set up spurs discussion about verifying people’s age and how and why Apple (or any tech company, really) would want to this.

Finally, Jake manages to actually talk about something development related, using the current discussion surrounding the Apple Watch and it’s price factor to discuss emotional design, and how the emotions evoked by the design of your app affects it’s utility.

Show notes:

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