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39: Lines That I Can Paint Within

Published 1 September 2014 Hosted by Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly and Jake MacMullin

Jelly tries his hand at hardware mods, Jake buys a yellow Nokia to try out development for Windows Phone, and Ben gets married.

Jake’s Windows Phone experience leads to a discussion about the differences between Apple and Microsoft’s approach with their development environments, which begs the question about what Apple’s plans regarding Objective-C vs. Swift are, leading Jake to confess that he’s concerned Swift might end up as a modern version of Cocoa Java.

Following up on the episode with Basil Shkara, they then discuss how one defines success as an “indie” developer, and whether pitching apps to potential clients is one method of finding success.

Now that the outcomes of Google and Apple’s diversity reports are known, and it turns out that everyone is pretty much as bad as each other, Jelly turns the discussion of diversity to solving the lack of diversity in the tech industry. How do we, as businesses and individuals, encourage people of different backgrounds to become developers?

Finally, Jake interjects towards the end of the episode to discuss beacons and using context to improve app functionality in apps and devices. Because it’s tradition.

Show Notes